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is the Child Abuse and Neglect Council of Lincoln County.

Healthy Kids offers the following programs for Kids and Teens:

  • Talking about Touching / Safe Touch/ is a sexual abuse prevention program for pre-school through grade four. Topics covered include: recognizing safe and unsafe situations, saying no, not keeping secrets and identifying adults to talk to about unsafe or uncomfortable situations. A companion program for parents is also available. Talking About Touching is based on the Committee for Children Talking about Touching curriculum.

  • Baby Think it Over is a school-based progam that aims to help students make informed decisions about pregnancy and parenting by letting them actually experience being the parent of a newborn. In addition to the workshop portion of the program, participants parent an electronic baby for an overnight period. Students must feed, burp, comfort, dress, change diapers, and respond to crying and other infant cues. The workshop concludes with a facilitated follow-up discussion in which participants share their observations and experience.

For more information about any of these programs,
please contact Healthy Kids at 563-1818 or by e-mail: